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What-To-Expect-01 When you enter our office for the first time you will be greeted by the friendly and helpful front desk staff. If you haven't already filled out the new patient forms (found under Resources), then we will have you fill those out before seeing the doctor. Our staff will show you around the clinic on your way to the exam room. You will then watch a short informative video about chiropractic before being examined by one of our amazing doctors. Typically, the exam will include 4 things: a detailed history, neurological and orthopedic testing, a computerized sEMG, and X-rays of your spine.

What-To-Expect-02The sEMG test will show problem areas that have high muscle tension and decreased function. Radiographic imaging is crucial for a chiropractor to determine your spinal condition and course of care. In order to receive the most specific adjustments which will restore proper function, allow maximal healing, and help you achieve wellness, radiographic images are necessary. All of the information gathered will help the doctors understand your condition and give them the best chance of helping you with your issues.

After your doctor examines your specific case, you will receive a full, detailed report of findings so that we may best help you to understand your condition and how you may change it. A specific, tailored care plan will be designed for you to achieve the best outcome. After your report, we will begin the initial steps to restore proper nervous system function with chiropractic adjustments and whatever other treatments are necessary.