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woman massaging neck. Side view copy space Your neck, also known as your cervical spine, supports the entire weight of your head and can move in pretty much every direction. The overall flexibility of your neck makes this area very vulnerable to injury and pain. There are many things that may cause pain in this area and our chiropractors at Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic are to help!

When you make your first chiropractic appointment with us, we will evaluate your entire spine and typically give you a preliminary X-ray to help diagnose the specific cause of your neck pain. Our chiropractors are trained to treat all types of neck pain, from trauma injuries to repetitive stress injuries. Depending on the cause of your neck pain, we will use a combination of therapies and techniques to treat you. Mostly importantly, you will receive a specific chiropractic adjustment, as well as the possibility of soft tissue work, stretching/strengthening, electric stimulation, and/or ultrasound therapy.

A chiropractic adjustment helps to move the misaligned bones back toward their proper alignment. If you have joints with tissue damage or poor movement, adjustments will help restore motion and will provide pain relief. One of the most typical causes of neck pain is day-to-day activities. Everything from poor posture to the way that you sleep affects the alignment of your spine. When poor alignment is present, we may or may not have pain, but we most certainly have decreased function of our nervous system. Do you want to maximize the function of your nervous system, which controls every cell in your body? Do you want to see significant improvement in your neck’s range of motion and relieve your pain and discomfort? If you are looking for the best to treat your neck pain, come visit us here at Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic. Contact us today to set up your first appointment!