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Back Pain Treatment Do you have frequent muscle aches and pains? Do you notice that you have limited range of motion and flexibility in your back? We are here to help. Back pain treatment is the most common reason that clients will come in and see us here at Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic. In fact, back pain is the most common cause for people missing work in the United States. There are many different possible causes for back pain which include:

Ruptured or Bulging Disks

The disks in our spine act as cushions between our vertebrae and when one disk is swollen, it can affect your entire spine. When a disk ruptures or bulges it can press on a nerve, which can cause it to be very painful. When you come to us with disk problems, one of our expert chiropractors will come up with a specially designed treatment plan. This will include specific exercises and stretches, along with a chiropractic adjustment schedule.

Muscle Strain

Muscle or ligament strains happen to the best of us and can be caused by a number of things. Whether you are not warming up properly before a workout, lose your footing walking up stairs or pull something while playing sports, muscle strains can happen very suddenly. Before every type of back pain treatment, one of our chiropractors will take an X-ray of your back to make sure there are no related bone injuries. Once we rule that out, we will put together a physical therapy plan to help heal and re-strengthen your muscles so you can completely restore movement.


Improper movement of the joints and misalignment of the bones can cause arthritis in the back. When you come to us for back pain treatment involving arthritis, we will work with the spine to correct imbalances and help relieve your joints with chiropractic adjustments. This will help take pressure off of your nerves, which will in turn relieve you of pain from arthritis.

No matter what the cause is of your aches and pains, Bolingbrook Family Chiropractic is professionally trained in back pain treatment and is here to help! Call us today to get started on healing your back pain.